Studies show that employees are more likely to be happier and perform well when they are in optimal health. What does that mean you ask? Optimal health is your complete physical, emotional, and relational well being. It’s not just the absence or prevention of disease but taking an active role in the vitality of those parts that make up your whole, we are getting real deep here;-)

Benefits of corporate wellness include:

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Corporate range

Blossom Vitamins strives to provide a vitamin range to offer you optimal health and wellness so you can concentrate on everything else.

Mental wellness

There has been an increase in mental health concerns which increases pressure on staff, their families and the companies they work for. Blossom Vitamins would like to help you reduce you reduce this. Blossom vitamins would like to reduce vitamin deficiencies which can cause and exacerbate mental health concerns. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can often be easily managed with regular supplementation. Blossom Vitamins can take care of this by providing the correct supplements at the right time so you don’t have to with our supplementation programme.

Physical wellness

Physical wellness is important in order for your body to function at its best. Physical wellness includes physical activity but this is just one aspect of physical wellness. It also includes managing your stress, getting enough sleep and providing your body with the right nutrients from your diet or supplements. Blossom Vitamins can help you do just that- we’ve got that covered.

From our nutrient library

Healthy lunch boxes

Why pack your children lunch boxes for school? Nutrients Balanced meal Have energy throughout the whole day You know what they are getting Fill it

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